Advantages of video over text emails 

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8x higher open-to-reply rates

Adding a video to your emails drastically increases response rates, and helps cut through the clutter of text emails.

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More engaging than text emails

Human brains retain visual content better than plain text, with as much as 95% of the context being retained from videos as against only 10% through text. 

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Drives more website traffic

C-suite executives are more likely to visit your website after watching your personalized video email.

Helps increase buyer intent

A helpful video-based advert can increase your prospect's buying intent by 97%.


Why generative AI-based personalized videos?

Save time and effort and actually do the thing you love most - selling!

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Online video recording platforms

 Require effort,  actual video production and some elements of post-production. One also needs to repeat the process for every new video you want to create.

Automated personalized video platforms

Allow you to present your great pitch as call-out speech bubbles or voice-overs (with other features). You still need to repeat the process for every new video.


How does work?

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Upload Script

One simply needs to upload a script, choose a presenter and language.

Generative AI Magic

Our platform uses facial re-enactment (predicting lip movement) to convert the script into the presenter actually speaking it, in the language chosen.

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Create Videos at Scale

Our platform allows organizations to scale their personalized video in a matter of minutes!

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