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What we're looking for

  • 4+ years of industry work experience
  • You have designed end-to-end products, starting from UX journey all the way to every single interaction in the product
  • You have a strong PoV on what the design should be but you keep the biases in check
  • You thrive for an open collaborating workplace and you design variations instead of going with inherent biases
  • You've a keen eye for design, detail and a deep understanding of products
  • Above all, we will look for a passion for working in a fast-paced startup environment and solving challenging problems.

Your role involves

  • Owning product designs end-to-end and executing quickly
  • Understanding product requirements from customers directly, founders, product managers and designing a full product spec
  • Designing the product, website, marketing content, blog, and everything design!

Why you should join

  • Being part of an early stage startup, you'll get to build your own little world where all things creative are pixel-perfect, just the way you'd like to see in the world
  • You get to reimagine how generative AI is brought to the world and packaged as a solution
  • You get to build products on this rare technology that very few people in the world have access to (let your mind go wild, internal hackathons are a regular feature)
  • Opportunity to work with some of the best minds in a small team - our team members have left companies like Facebook, Google, Adobe here.
  • You will have access to best design mentors and opportunity to grow and lead the design team. This is one of the fastest hacks to grow.
  • Working very closely with the founding team, you also have the chance to significantly influence and drive the direction of the company
  • Seeing the thrill of an early stage startup growing rapidly

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