May 11, 2023



With very little knowledge about the world of Crypto and the clutter of content over the internet, CoinDCX wanted to created a repository of videos that explained concepts and everything crypto.

But, who will read so much text, that too, so much information?

To tackle information overload while creating engaging content, CoinDCX decided to create videos out of all the blogs but in the most efficient and innovative way- by creating these videos with the help of AI, without having the person explaining every concept and spending hours of their time recording these videos, we created a digital avatar of VP and Growth Head, Minal Thukral, and converted blogs into videos!

This saved, time, costs and most importantly, enabled CoinDCX to create engaging and informative byte-sized videos without having anyone to record it.

All they had to do is enter text, and the output would be a video!

Blog To Video

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