Stakeholder Communications
May 11, 2023

Future Generali - MD Anup Rau


Future Generali was recognized in the “Top 100 Best Places to Work” and wanted to celebrate the success of making the workplace one of the best!

For the same, we created a digital avatar of the CEO, Mr. Anup Rau to send out personalized congratulatory messages to all the employees, addressing them and the great work they were doing in their department!

These videos were sent at their annual event on their email IDs and some didn’t realize that these videos were AI-generated and actually thought it was Anup personally addressing them - they even messaged him thanking him for the wish!

This is how brands and companies are creating personalized connections and starting conversations, which couldn’t be possible but with the help of AI is- at scale, creating the emotional personal connect with each important person!

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