Stakeholder Communications
May 11, 2023

Greenply - KL Rahul


IPL is a festival in India and being one of the biggest title sponsors of the new IPL team Lucknow Super Giants, Greenply wanted to create an innovative experience for their stakeholders and express the season’s greetings!

And being IPL, the idea here was to delight the audience with a message from the cricketer, KL Rahul himself but with a twist!

With the technology, we created a digital avatar of KL Rahul to send out personalized messages to all dealers, retailers, store managers. Along with that, to appreciate and motivate the employees of GreenPly, we also sent out messages to employees as an internal communication innovation!

There were three templates that were recorded.

  1. For Traders
  2. For internal communication
  3. Season Greetings

For the initial run, we’re generating personalized messages for traders, in both Hindi and English.

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