Stakeholder Communications

IBM - Sandip Patil



1. Anant - https://personalized.rephrase.ai/?campaign_id=frI8QRWF3hAwcPBPyfdbjbgKvtTwtw&identifier=reivison of the revision 001

2. Gandhi - https://personalized.rephrase.ai/?campaign_id=frI8QRWF3hAwcPBPyfdbjbgKvtTwtw&identifier=revision for IBM 002

3. Sanjay - https://personalized.rephrase.ai/?campaign_id=frI8QRWF3hAwcPBPyfdbjbgKvtTwtw&identifier=revision of the revision 002

We’ve created a digital avatar of the MD of IBM - Mr. Sandip Patel. The digital avatar has been created to send out personalized invites to CXOs of various other organizations to an upcoming event being hosted by IBM - Think Mumbai. In total, we’re creating 500 videos.

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