Marketing Campaigns

Meesho - Vidit Aatrey


Campaign Overview


A personalized campaign spotting trends for over 100 Indian cities for Meesho powered by Generative AI technology

On the occasion of the year ending, we created 100 unique personalized videos for 100 cities for Meesho’s #BharatKeRang Campaign by creating a digital avatar of Vidit, the CEO & Founder of Meesho!

We all receive a wrapped music playlist at the end of each year, telling us our music stats.


Meesho wanted to create a similar, fun, and interactive experience for its customers by bringing together trends, data, and generative AI to send out their city's trends!

We created 100 videos, and personalized them to every city’s data and statistics!Are printed kurtis the latest fashion craze in Ahmedabad? Do the cities of Dehradun, Gaya, Howrah, Vijayawada, and Kozhikode have a shared love for Bluetooth headphones in the personal gadget space?

We created these videos and hyper-personalized them to a local level. These were then run as ads on Youtube and social media channels! We are proud to showcase how we were able to effectively create local shopping trends for over 100 different cities in India to bring out regional flavors and preferences of customers.

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