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January 19, 2023

Mondelez International - Cadbury


On Diwali, created a digital avatar of India's biggest celebrity - Shahrukh Khan - for Mondelez International.

We executed the campaign in two parts:

  • 500 ads were created and targeted to specific PIN codes on Facebook and YouTube. Each video referred to local stores in that area
  • We built a microsite where shopkeepers across the country could enter their store’s names and receive a personalized video of Shahrukh Khan endorsing their store. These shopkeepers were encouraged to use the videos to promote their stores across social media

  • Mondelez built a close relationship with thousands of local stores across the country
  • The campaign delivered 22% higher VTRs and 18% higher CTRs
  • 105k users logged on to to create their version of the ad
  • A total of 130k versions of the ad were created, which were circulated through WhatsApp and across social media
  • The campaign earned PR worth over USD 1.5 million
  • Cadbury Celebrations delivered a bumper Diwali with a 29% growth over LY (highest ever Diwali delivered on the brand)
  • The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), which represents millions of traders across India, reported a whopping 74% increase in Diwali sales - clocking the highest sales in a decade

Final thoughts

This case study is widely regarded as not only the best campaign for Diwali but also a stellar example of how media, creativity, and tech come together to create meaningful connections with brands. It has opened up enormous possibilities for Al-based innovations that other brands are trying to leverage only now.

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