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Roberta Schiller

The Ultimate Diwali Greeting

On the occasion of Diwali, Rephrase AI created a digital avatar of Castrol's ultimate performer and brand ambassador, Tiger Shroff.

After two difficult years of the pandemic where businesses and people suffered a great deal, Castrol wanted to do something special for Diwali to celebrate the joy of a new beginning and to mark a fresh start to life post the lockdown.

Castrol Power 1 Ultimate decided to recognize all its stakeholders - internal and external, by sending them a personalized Diwali greeting video from their brand ambassador Tiger Shroff.

During this campaign, all the mechanics and dealers who promote and distribute Castrol's products across India received this personalized video message on Diwali.

Rephrase AI delivered more than 1,30,000 videos, each mapped to the individual receiver ID within a span of 5 days.


People don’t receive Diwali greetings from celebrities every day, especially not videos where a celebrity is directly addressing them by their names. 

This initiative by Castrol that was targeted at mechanics and dealers who promote and distribute Castrol's products was very well received and invoked excitement with a sense of gratitude towards the brand. 

After all, who doesn’t like feeling appreciated?

Final Thoughts

Videos personalized with digital avatars of celebrities used for festive greetings make for a great use case for large B2B organizations with stakeholders across the world. 

These festive greetings are highly appreciated and celebrated by the recipients as it invokes a sense of connection between them and the organization.

This activity, if conducted manually would require a great deal of time and human resources. With Rephrase AI’s technology, such activities can be conducted in an efficient manner with minimal human intervention.

Written by
Roberta Schiller
Head of digital marketing

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