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Titan Mia 10th Year Anniversary - Ajoy Chawla

Linwood Rowe

Mia turns 10

On the joyous occasion of Titan Mia celebrating it's 10yr anniversary, we created a digital avatar of Titan CEO Ajoy Chawla.

Context to the Campaign

With the past two years being a difficult time for all people and businesses across the country, Titan wanted to do something special for Mia's 10yr anniversary. And coincidentally, it also happened to fall on Diwali.

Titan decided to pay recognition to all its stakeholders, internal and external, by sending them a personalized Diwali wish from their CEO, Ajoy Chawla.

This meant that employees across all Mia outlets in India, including store managers, sales representatives, retail outlet personnel, internal sales team, etc. were to receive this personalized video message on Diwali!


For this campaign, created and delivered 400+ videos, each mapped to the individual receiver ID.

10 Year Anniversary Videos

  1. Shubham
  2. Christy
  3. Snehal

Written by
Linwood Rowe
Head of digital marketing

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