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WHJR - Hrithik Roshan

Retha Ritchie

Context to the Campaign

Imagine 1,00,000 users signing up for a class but only 20,000 of them attending them! Users didn't show up for the trial class in turn impacting post-trial class enrollment rates.

With only 20% of users joining the trial post-booking, WHJR wanted to increase their consideration and conversions significantly and solve the weak intent of users at the top funnel.

The Objective

  1. Instill a sharp and lasting eagerness toward a trial class that parents and children consider our trial class a non-missable event
  2. Build conviction and trust in WhiteHat Jr as their preferred educational platform for their child’s need

The Solution

To solve gaps in the customer journey funnel from the top to the bottom, the idea was to create strategic interventions at various touch-points in individual user journeys.

As a solution, WHJR integrated Rephrase.ai’s synthetic media technology to leverage their celebrity's influence and impact and delivered hyper-personalized messages to parents and children, addressing each of them and as well as personalizing the course they signed up for.

The Impact

  • White Hat Jr. saw 45% increase in conversions and achieved trial class attendance across different courses!
  • Within the span of 30 days, Rephrase.ai created over 85,000 videos across the funnel for users who registered on White Hat Jr. and signed up for trial classes across various courses!
  • WHJR confirmed that a hyper-personalized message from a celebrity not just gave the push to the child but also the parent as they saw a difference in the platform sign-ups and a shift in attitude towards attending trial classes.

Written by
Retha Ritchie
Head of digital marketing

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