Custom video backgrounds without green screen shoots

by Ashray Malhotra in

Custom video backgrounds have become a tremendous trend in the last few years. It’s common to see videos on social media platforms and YouTube with custom backgrounds that are designed to match the message of the video.

Unfortunately, there is no way for small-time content creators who don’t have access to professional green screen facilities or large budgets for stock footage, but thanks to recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) software, you can get custom video backdrops without ever having set foot into a studio!

In this post, we share some early results from our tests on how you can get custom backgrounds in your videos without the need for a complex green screen setup.

Have a look at the base footage we recorded. This was an urgent shoot we did in <24 hours, hence getting a studio setup wasn't possible (more so in the middle of a lockdown).

Original Video -

Here is the transparent video output (we applied background) ->

To further demonstrate the power of backgrounds for storytelling, we created two versions of this video.

First version is the one sitting in an office, like the one below -

Here's the other video, with a beach background -

The background removal looks perfect. I couldn't have expected an improved version if video editors had spent many hours trying to get this output.

This is a very quick experiment to showcase how you can use the power to remove backgrounds with any video shoot, even including your mobile shoots. More professional results to follow!

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