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Assured by

The Merriam-webster dictionary defines “Assured” as characterized by certainty or security As synthetic media becomes more commonplace and is used in public facing creations, it becomes increasing important that we as technology innovators take responsibility for the way our products are used. With the same responsibility, we at want …

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Personalised Videos from Celebrities - Peek into the next-gen Digital Marketing

Future of Brand ambassador led marketing efforts - Built on

Thanks to advancements in AI, and our Generative modeling research over the last two years, we can create millions of unique videos at scale with the ease of textual communication

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Custom video backgrounds without green screen shoots

Custom video backgrounds without green screen |

Custom video backgrounds have become a tremendous trend in the last few years. It’s common to see videos on social media platforms and YouTube with custom backgrounds that are designed to match the message of the video. Unfortunately, there is no way for small-time content creators who don’t have access …

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