Sales Video Creation Tutorials

How to create a personalised video sales campaign - 101

An in-depth insight into video sales campaigns at scale. Watch this tutorial to learn how it's done!

Quick Tutorials

How to add custom media URL?

Add any custom background image, video or background music

How to add merge tags & use CSV?

Add merge tags to your script and create personalisation at scales.

How to add Custom CTA to your campaign?

Learn how to add custom Call To Action buttons to your landing page and improve your CTR 3x

How to embed videos in your email tool?

Embedding videos in your favourite email tool at scale just got simpler!

How to rename your campaigns?

Learn how to uniquely rename each campaign

How to download final video links?

Learn how to download links of your campaign as a CSV.

How to add more personalisation in your campaigns?

Hyper-personalise your campaigns using our scalable tool!

How to file a bug report?

Learn how to receive quick resolve to any and all bugs you may face.

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