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Empowering teams that require large-scale training videos 

Elevate your team's learning by replacing PPTs with interactive videos

  • Enjoy enterprise-grade security
  • Collaborate easily with your team
  • Seamlessly integrate with your preferred LMS
  • Leverage API access for scaling video production effortlessly

Empower Your Sales Team with High-Quality, AI-Powered Videos

  • Facilitate quicker knowledge transfer
  • Improve sales training with easily digestible video modules
  • Enhance team collaboration with shared video creation and editing
  • Save time and resources with efficient video production

Elevate Your Customer Experience with Informative AI-Powered Videos

  • Transform dense help articles into user-friendly videos
  • Create accessible video guides for seamless product onboarding
  • Enhance customer engagement with interactive video content
  • Reduce customer service response time with instant video creation

Create Stunning Product Explainers in Minutes, Not Months

  • Boost product adoption with engaging product explainer videos
  • Increase conversions by integrating videos into the product journey
  • Scale your video creation with API access for seamless production
With, we innovated the way customers engage with our brand by creating the first ever digital avatar of a celebrity to send hyper-personalized real-time messages.
Aditya Ruia
Co- Founder
We tied up with who helped us leverage the might of Al, and help local business owners to light up their brands with a special personalized ad.
Anil Viswanathan
Senior Director Marketing
Mondelez India
Partnering with Rephrase.Ai and T-Series for a one-of-its-kind marketing campaign executed for Ayushmann Khurrana's 'Anek' is just the tip of the iceberg. We are excited with the potential impact this partnership can create.
Samradha Tibrewala
Head - Partnership & Revenue
They (Harbhanjan Singh and Shikhar Dhawan) came on board to create AI driven customized videos (with Rephrase) for our dealership partners who are an integral part of our company.
Anuj Arora
Global Chief Marketing Officer
Using this (Rephrase) technology, we sent over 1 lakh customized Diwali wishes from Tiger Shroff to our mechanic and dealer communities creating a 'wow moment' for our business partners.
Jaya Jamrani
Vice President - Marketing
Castrol India Limited

The possibilities are endless with

  • E-learning and Training
  • Social Media Content
  • Personalized Video Messages
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Virtual Presentations
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Human Resources and Recruitment

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Create a video from PPT or an article in 3 steps

Easy Text-to-Voice Conversion
  • Convert text into life-like speech without recording a voiceover
  • Experience our immaculate lip sync technology that generates natural, life-like videos
AI-powered design ideas
  • Save time with Suggested Layouts doing the heavy lifting for you
  • No need to worry about color schemes, positioning, and various design changes
Pre-uploaded Templates
  • Create stunning videos in minutes with our customizable video templates
  • No need for extra hands on deck to create video backgrounds

+ a lot more

What makes the better choice?

Multiple digital avatars
Choose from 50+ AI avatars across multiple ethnicities to make your videos more inclusive and diverse. Alternatively, you can create your own and select from business and casual versions.
Easy text-to-voice conversion
Convert text into life-like speech without recording a voiceover. Just type (or copy-paste) your text and render.
Multi-lingual speech
Choose from 100+ languages and accents so you can connect with your target demographic. Ensure consistent quality of voiceovers at scale. (Best-in-class lip sync, guaranteed!)
Turn blogs into videos
Beautifully written blogs will no longer go to waste. Get more attention and engagement by turning them into videos that no one can ignore.
Turn PPTs into videos
Easily convert your static presentations into dynamic and engaging videos, allowing for enhanced communication and presentation delivery.
Easily make edits and updates
Save time, effort, and resources on manual video updates or revisions. Let AI modify your content the way you like, in no time.
Hands-on customer support
Getting in the flow of using a new tool can be tricky. Experience the best of generative AI with our robust customer service to lend a helping hand when you need it.
Pre-uploaded templates
No need to create videos from scratch. Use our customizable video templates to create stunning videos in minutes.
Custom landing pages
A one-stop destination for all your viewers so you can evaluate the performance of your video campaigns easily. Want this feature? All you have to do is ask!

Improved brand engagement, conversions, and ROI

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Engage your audience like never before with stunning videos, made by you and AI

Engage your audience like never before with stunning videos, made by you and AI