Create professional videos as easily as writing text!

Use generative AI to create high-quality videos with real humans! Eliminate need for expensive video shoots, get unparalleled speed and scale!

Personalised Sales & Marketing

3x CTR using thousands of personalised videos for your sales prospects within seconds!

EdTech Content Creation

Complete your video courses in days, not months using our infinitely scalable video production methods

Digital Marketing A/B testing

Create different versions of the same video ad, measure engagements, and choose what gives the best ROI

Rephrase Walkthrough

Sneak peek

Type your script

If you can text someone, you surely do know how to do this. 

Choose your AI Speaker

Choose a relevant speaker for your script from our panel .

Smar devices

Select a voice

Choose from various voices, languages and accents to suit your scripts.

Tech behind the Scenes

A sophisticated deep learning engine lies at the heart of Rephrase that learns facial features corresponding to spoken audio and reconstructs photorealistic faces for any new given text or audio. This engine can be accessed by a simple API call or a web app.

Advanced Features

Smar devices


Add animation to your text, images and scenes.

Call booth

Add Music

Upload custom music or choose from our comprehensive collection

Smart mobile app

Customise Backgrounds

Upload custom background or choose from our diverse range stock images

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