Build stronger stakeholder relations with personalized communication

Communicate effectively with internal and external stakeholders using personalized video messages.

Add a Personal Touch to every interaction

Event invitations and greetings are now personalized

Invite your audience for keynotes, internal sessions, meetings, or fun events with a personal touch from the management with technology

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Titan Mia delivered 400+ videos, each mapped to the individual receiver ID with a special message from CEO Ajoy Chawla.
Robert Mayar  -  Founder of Airbnb

Create custom videos for internal communication

Convert internal messages to be sent out in personalized videos for each employee from top management - greetings, appraisal messages, birthday wishes, or company updates. Create 10x impact with your words and delivery.

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DBS sent out personalized New Year's greetings from MD and Group Head, Mr. Royce Teo, to welcome the year of innovation, tech, and AI.
Royce Teo  -  MD and Group Head, DBS

Engage retailers and distributors with personalized messages

Send personalized video messages from the company's top management to each stakeholder. Create messages specific to your investors, internal team, employees, or supplier networks.

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"We are ecstatic to have partnered with reputed cricketers in creating brand love and deepening the bond with our trade partners."
Anuj Arora, CMO, Symphony

Hear from the masters of corporate communications

Using this (’) technology, we sent over 1 lakh customized Diwali wishes from Tiger Shroff, our new brand ambassador for Castrol Power1 ULTIMATE, to our mechanic and dealer communities, creating a 'wow moment' for our business partners.
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Jaya Jamrani
Vice President Marketing
Castrol India Limited

Brands are supercharging communication everywhere it matters

Employee communication
Webinars and announcements
Relationship building with partners
Customer engagement
Event Invitations

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Experience the magic of personalized communication for your stakeholders

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