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by Anmol Baid in

The Merriam-webster dictionary defines “Assured” as

characterized by certainty or security

As synthetic media becomes more commonplace and is used in public facing creations, it becomes increasing important that we as technology innovators take responsibility for the way our products are used.

With the same responsibility, we at want the reliance of assurance in-built in our product. Assurance is characterized in two pillars for us


1.     Certainty that no one is synthesized without their permission.

2.     Certainty that the generated videos are created by the consent of the person in the video and the organization represented.


1.     Security that the created content is monitored for misuse and abuse

2.     Security that the powers of this technology are appropriately used by responsible organizations.

If you saw this logo on a celebrity video, here's what it exactly represents ->

  1. We were specifically employed by the brand/talent management company/artist to create these videos.
  2. There was a special video shoot done with the actor to create their digital avatar.
  3. This was a commercial project and the actor has been compensated for the project. We are using the technology to just scale their time!
  4. The actor has verified the AI generated videos before the campaign goes live.

To summarise, this technology just scales up the talent's time constraints. We ensure (or work with partners to ensure) that all the content being spoken in the AI generated videos is something that the actor would typically have been comfortable speaking.

With these promises, we constantly strive to participate in discourse and policy around the creation and dissemination of synthetic media. 

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