Responsible use of synthetic media

Artificial intelligence is proving its brilliance by making tremendous strides every day and has the potential to transform lives. It is difficult to foresee the extent to which the technology advances in the near future, and it is harder still to decide where to draw the line. However, ethics must be deeply rooted in the development of such powerful technologies.

As a company pioneering in the generation of synthetic media with the help of AI, we are vigilant of the responsibility we bear.

We will make every possible effort to forge our policy and products under the umbrella of ethical principles. We will not offer our software for public use. Access to the Media synthesis technology at will be awarded only to the most trusted clients. We will never re-enact someone without their explicit consent. This includes politicians or celebrities for satirical purposes. We strictly forbid the use of our technology as a medium for political propaganda or any offensive content propagation. The reason we are building Rephrase is because we believe that the world needs an easier way to create videos. We will strictly not create videos for defence or political purposes.

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