Responsible use of synthetic media

At Rephrase, we're pioneering a new type of storytelling with a powerful tool for creating synthetic media. With that power comes a responsibility that we take very seriously. 

Artificial intelligence is transforming many industries, and the usual discussions around morality and authenticity are especially important when it comes to video. With no established industry standard on the manipulation of human faces and the creation of virtual avatars, we committed to setting and meeting a high bar. 

Our Code of Conduct:

1. Innovation for Good. Our goal is to personalize and democratize video and movie production. We strictly forbid the use of our technology as a medium for political propaganda or offensive content. We will never allow deepfakes or content that impersonates well-known individuals, including videos with politicians or celebrities for satirical purposes. 

2. Responsible Access. Our goal is to help storytellers, organizations and creatives of all types best convey their vision. We will not offer our software for widespread consumer use and our technology will only be provided to clients who align with our ethical code of conduct.

3. Transparency. Our goal is to provide the world with an easier way to create video -- deception or secrecy is unnecessary. We will work to increase education around online authenticity and the appropriate use of synthetic media with our clients, the media and the public more broadly.  

4. Inclusion. Our goal is to reimagine the production process so messages can be conveyed across native languages and have global impact. We are committed to keeping diversity, inclusivity and ethics at the heart of the development of our machine learning as we redefine how media is created. 

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