Supercharge marketing campaigns with hyper-personalized messages

Create digital avatars of brand ambassadors to create personalized ad campaigns for your customers. Your brand ambassador records the message once, but you can send it to 10k+ people with personalization.

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Connect one-on-one with your marketing efforts with everyone

Engage personally with your audiences like never before

Build brand love, boost engagement, kickstart conversations, garner organic PR, and much more by reaching out to people in novel ways.

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"We are excited to spearhead the use of AI videos in entertainment marketing with as our Partner."
Shrenik Gandhi - CEO & Co-Founder of White Rivers Media

Run hyperlocal ads for higher ROI and conversions

Run Rephrase AI-powered geo-local, cohort-based hyper-personalized ads for higher ROAS and better CTRs and VTRs.

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Meesho was able to thank their users in a special way for trusting them through a year-end video created by
Megha Agarwal - VP and General Manager Growth at Meesho

Expand 360-degree campaigns with innovative personalized leg

Make your marketing campaigns bigger than ever. Leverage your brand ambassadors' value by creating personalized experiences for your audience

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"We have attained greater heights and more inclusivity by leveraging data and tech."
Shekhar Banerjee - CCO and Office Head, West at Wavemaker

Hear from brand managers who are re-defining marketing for the world

We tied up with, who helped us leverage the might of AI and help local business owners to light up their brands with a special personalized ad.
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Anil Viswanathan
Senior Director Marketing
Mondelez India

Brands are using to supercharge marketing

Achieve high activation rates for campaigns and products
Run pin-code level ads personalized to each area
Increase participation in UGC campaigns
Collect valuable first-party data with engaging campaigns
Create video-first creatives for increased consumer traffic
Garner buzz and amplification for the marketing message

Trusted by leading brands

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Upgrade your marketing campaigns with the power of hyper-personalization

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