Customer Journey
November 13, 2023

Beco - Dia Mirza | Case Study | Boost D2C Checkouts and Conversions

🚨 The Challenge

Catching customers at critical touchpoints and reducing cart abandonment

Cart abandonment, like ghosting, is nothing out of the ordinary yet exasperating. Over the last three years, Beco has been at the center of sustainability for over 1 million Indian households. They are now dedicated to reaching more households hence improving drop-off rates on their website was vital in this attempt.

The challenge here was to connect with potential customers via a hassle-free route and get quick insights on why they didn’t go through with the purchase. Communication channels like email or phone calls can be immensely intrusive or overlooked. To solve this, Beco partnered with to use our technology and explore WhatsApp to bridge the gap between potential customers and successful conversions.

🟢 The Solution

The solution was simple yet first of its kind. As a means of communication, WhatsApp is unmissable, easy to track, and swift to get a response from. Personalized messages, as a method of communication, help you tailor your content according to the audience to deliver more resonant and relevant information.

  1. created a digital avatar of Beco’s brand ambassador Dia Mirza.
  2. We then used this digital avatar to make personalized videos at scale for all their drop-off customers.

Every time a potential customer abandons a cart, a personalized video from Dia Mirza - addressing them by name - is sent to them on WhatsApp, asking if they need any assistance in the checkout process and tastefully reminding them to complete their purchase. And all of this is done with minimal human intervention!

Videos personalized with digital avatars of celebrities triggered at different touch points in a customer’s buying journey make for an effective communication method for D2C businesses. Customers receive these personalized messages well as they reflect the brand’s efforts to delight them.  

“With, we created the 1st digital IP of a brand ambassador to deliver personalized messages to customers at key touch points. This has never been attempted before in the A&M industry. And the revolution has just begun.” - Akanksha Gupta, Marketing Lead, Beco

🎯 The Results

Powered by’s generative AI technology, this initiative by Beco helped the brand get direct responses from potential customers. The team could then address any customer issues or concerns over WhatsApp, enabling them to move ahead in their purchasing journey. Thus, visitors who would drop off from the website - and rarely came back before - returned thanks to these personalized nudges helping Beco increase their abandoned cart conversions.

“Customer experience has always been at the forefront for Beco. With, we innovated the way customers engage with our brand by creating the first-ever digital avatar of a celebrity to send hyper-personalized real-time messages. This is just the tip of the iceberg and we’re just getting started." - Aditya Ruia, Co-founder, Beco

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