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November 13, 2023

Greenply - KL Rahul | Innovative IPL Engagement Campaign for Stakeholders

🚨 The Challenge

IPL is a festival in India and being one of the biggest title sponsors of the new IPL team Lucknow Super Giants, Greenply wanted to create an innovative experience for their stakeholders and express the season’s greetings!

And being IPL, the idea here was to delight the audience with a message from the cricketer, KL Rahul himself but with a twist!

🟢 The Solution

With our generative AI technology, we created an AI avatar of KL Rahul to send out personalized messages to all dealers, retailers, store managers. Along with that, to appreciate and motivate the employees of GreenPly, we also sent out messages to employees as an internal communication innovation!

There were three templates that were recorded.

  1. For Traders
  2. For Internal Communications
  3. Season Greetings

For the initial run, we generated personalized messages for traders, in both Hindi and English -- catering to the diverse linguistic preferences of the recipients. This attention to language and cultural nuances demonstrated Greenply's commitment to delivering a personalized and meaningful experience to their stakeholders.

🎯 The Results

The results of this initiative were highly successful. The personalized messages featuring KL Rahul generated excitement and enthusiasm among the recipients, further enhancing Greenply's association with the IPL and the Lucknow Super Giants team. The use of an AI avatar added a unique twist, capturing the attention of the audience and creating a memorable experience.

Furthermore, the personalized messages strengthened relationships with dealers, retailers, and store managers, fostering loyalty and driving business growth. By extending appreciation and motivation to their employees through personalized internal communications, Greenply also reinforced a positive work culture and boosted employee morale.

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