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November 13, 2023

IBM - Sandip Patil | Case Study | Personalized AI-based Corporate Invites

🚨 The Challenge

Revolutionizing the way corporate invities are sent out by organizations and brands.

IBM Think Mumbai unites industry leaders in business and technology, fostering idea sharing, innovation, and collaborative solution development aimed at propelling growth and advancement.

For this event, IBM wanted to come up with a unique way to invite CXOs of reputable organizations to boost interest and encourage them to be a part of this event.

🟢 The Solution

We’ve created an AI avatar of the MD of IBM - Mr. Sandip Patel.

The AI avatar was then use to create and send out personalized invites to CXOs of various other organizations to the upcoming event being hosted by IBM - Think Mumbai.

A total of 500 personalized AI video invites were created and distributed, ensuring a unique and impactful invitation experience for each recipient. The use of AI avatars allowed IBM to deliver personalized messages, addressing the CXOs directly and capturing their attention in a personalized and engaging manner.

🎯 The Results

This personalized approach to invitations showcased IBM's commitment to innovation and creating memorable experiences for its stakeholders. The AI avatar of Mr. Sandip Patel added a personalized touch, making each invite feel exclusive and tailored to the recipient.

The results of this initiative were significant. The personalized AI video invites generated heightened interest and engagement among the CXOs who received them. By leveraging the power of AI technology, IBM effectively captured the attention of key decision-makers and successfully conveyed the value and importance of attending the Think Mumbai event.

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