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November 13, 2023

Raymond Realty - Gautam Singhania | Boost Customer Engagement in Real Estate

📊 Overview

The real estate industry is a high-stakes, high-involvement business and Raymond Realty wanted to make sure that every prospective buyer converts into a purchaser. 

Homes are high-involvement emotional purchases which means every lead or potential buyer needs to be nurtured and assured throughout the buying journey.

To enable this, Rephrase AI created a digital avatar of the Chairman and Managing Director of Raymond, Mr. Gautam Singhania. We used this digital avatar to create personalized videos of Mr. Gautam Singhania addressing potential buyers, assuring them that their homes will be built within the promised time, with utmost care and attention to detail.

🎯 Results

Out of every 10 people who visited Raymond Realty’s properties for the first time, 7 of them revisited the property after receiving the personalized message - which is a great ratio in the real estate market.

The personalized videos helped Raymond engage their prospective buyers and convert them into purchasers. 

📌 Final thoughts

For a high-ticket purchase such as real estate, Rephrase AI successfully created a channel of communication for Raymond that transformed their customer journey and outperformed business KPIs.

Videos personalized with digital avatars of top-level management of organizations triggered at different touch points in a customer’s buying journey make for a great use case for real estate companies.
It invokes a sense of security, something that is highly appreciated when making a high-involvement purchase such as real estate.

These personalized messages are also well received by customers as it is a reflection of the efforts that a brand is making to take care of them. 

This activity, if conducted manually would require a great deal of time and human resources.
With Rephrase AI’s technology, such activities can be conducted in an efficient manner with minimal human intervention.

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