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November 13, 2023

Xiaomi - Saurav Ganguly | Strengthening Retailer Relations

🚨 The Challenge

Connecting with retailers in India and being a small part of their festivities.

On the occasion of Ugadi, Bihu, and Vishu being celebrated pan-India, Xiaomi wanted to send out personalized wishes to retailers across the country, based on the festival they were celebrating.

🟢 The Solution

Popular Indian cricketer, Saurav Ganguly, came onboard to get his AI avatar created.

The involvement of Saurav Ganguly, a beloved and influential figure in Indian cricket, added a significant layer of authenticity and resonance to the campaign.

Using his AI avatar, we generated thousands of personalized AI videos that were sent out as appreciation messages to the retailers on Ugadi, Bihu, and Vishu. Saurav Ganguly, also lovingly called 'Dada', thanked the retailers for being associated with Xiaomi and wished them and their families a happy festive day in each video.

🎯 The Results

Enhanced Local Store Partnerships:

The initiative fostered robust alliances and profound ties between Xiaomi and countless local retailers across the country, amplifying brand recognition within neighborhood communities. By tailoring the messages to reflect the specific festivals being celebrated, Xiaomi demonstrated a deep understanding and appreciation for the cultural nuances and traditions of its target audience.

This initiative highlighted the effectiveness of personalized outreach and celebrity endorsement in cultivating enduring relationships with retailers and enhancing brand presence in local markets. Through these personalized AI videos, Xiaomi showcased its commitment to acknowledging and celebrating the important role retailers play in the company's success.

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