Customer Journey
December 21, 2022

Beco- Customer Journey Activation

Customer Journey Activation

One of the greatest problems in D2C is cart abandonment. Potential customers generally come to the website, explore offerings, add products to their carts, and then drop off without completing their purchase. 

Drop off rates are therefore high, creating a gap between potential customers and converted customers. To solve this problem, Beco decided to partner with Rephrase AI to use our technology in the most innovative manner. 

Rephrase AI created a digital avatar of Beco’s brand ambassador Dia Mirza to create personalized videos for all their drop off customers.

With the help of these personalized videos, Beco caught customers at the perfect stage in their buying journey by sending personalized videos to everyone who dropped off after adding products to their carts.

Now, every time a customer abandons a cart, a personalized video from Dia Mirza, addressing them by name, is sent to them on WhatsApp, asking if they need any assistance in the checkout process and also tastefully reminding them to complete their purchase.


This initiative by Beco has visibly encouraged purchase completion leading to a significant rise in purchase rates and conversions.

With the help of personalized videos created by Rephrase AI, Beco now sends personalized messages from Dia Mirza directly on WhatsApp instead of email.

Final Thoughts

Videos personalized with digital avatars of celebrities triggered at different touch points in a customer’s buying journey make for a great use case for D2C businesses where cart abandonment is a pressing issue. 

These personalized messages are well received by customers as it is a reflection of the efforts that a brand is making to delight the customers. 

This activity, if conducted manually would require a great deal of time and human resources. With Rephrase AI’s technology, such activities can be conducted in an efficient manner with minimal human intervention.

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