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Johnson & Johnson Vision



After a difficult pandemic and rigorous efforts in the medical industry, Johnson & Johnson Vision wanted to thank and appreciate all medical professionals and the on-ground partners and distributors for their support throughout the years.

We created a digital avatar of Ms. Sherri Ferstler, the Vice President of Johnson & Johnson North America, to send out personalized messages to all their distributors in the medical industry.


Year Review Template

  1. Kevin + Buffalo
  2. Robbie + Atlanta South


I want to thank you for a fantastic 2021. Together, we accomplished unprecedented results and have transformed into an organization that delivers value beyond product. We have launched a suite of loyalty programs that resulted in above category growth. Preferred accounts grew 5 share points since initial sign up! Oasys 1-Day is has reached #1 share in the DD category. Oasys Multifocal also delivered our share target of 5 share points in the MF category! All of this was thanks to you! The momentum we created in 2021 will help us accelerate our leadership in 2022. This year, we are focused on connecting our world class innovation and differentiated solutions to create exceptional customer experiences and improve patient outcomes. Our strategy is anchored on:

  • Winning Share in the Chair
  • Differentiating the Customer Experience
  • Engaging Patients Exceptionally

To do that, we will elevate our superior portfolio with competitive positioning and unmatchedtechnology backed by comfort to cement our undisputed DD position as brand of choice. We will lead with customer-centric programs and capabilities to create differentiated experiences beyond product to become their partner of choice. And, we will meet patients where they are with personalized engagement, removing friction and delighting them to become loyal ACUVUE® wearers for life. I will need each of you to be ALL IN to help us deliver against our business plan. I am counting on you to drive share and fits in [pause for half a second] (BIG APPLE DISTRICT) [pause for half a second].Thank you again [pause for half a second] (Paul) [pause for half a second] for all that you do for our customers and our business! I am ALL IN to support you!

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