Customer Journey
December 21, 2022


Being IPL Sponsors, Sunstone Edu. wanted to make a difference with creating a unique experience for all the students and aspiring prospects of the universities across the country.

The Business Gap

Across the journey of deciding which university must one go to, among the plethora of universities, Sunstone wanted to stand out by communicating exactly what the prospects and students need to hear- based on where in the journey they were!

Sunstone wanted to talk to prospects at the right time, with the right message and give relevant information in an interesting, attention-grabbing way, without sending long emails!

The Solution

Who better than the team members of Lucknow Super Giants, the newest freshest IPL team to deliver messages to young aspiring students!

We created six messages across the journey of the student, right from the start of the journey of searching for a university to the entrance test one gives before the admission or even a nudge for application completion! We created different messaging for different stages in the journey to send the right message, at the right time without it being a boring email!

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