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Outshine competitors through personalized reach outs

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Introduce video messaging to your Real Estate business

Promote listings with personalized video messages curated specially to suit the property requirements of every potential buyer.
Redefine agent introduction and boost customer engagement by sending personalized video messages from the (digital) agent for every customer interaction.

Send personalized property quotes through video messages

Harness the power of location-based targeting by sending out the right property options to the right customer through hyper-personalized video messages.
Send personalized property quotes that are specially curated for each customer through hyper-personalized video messages.

Manage your property's rent, sales, and marketing

Create personalized videos at scale to share key information with customers while buying real estate.
Send out personalized deals and offers to potential buyers through personalized videos that nudge them to make the purchase.

Humanise your communications with

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Personalised videos for targeted comunication
Boost Conversions With Personalised Video Messaging