70% jump in property site visits for Raymond Realty

Tasmiya Sayed
November 13, 2023


Buying a house is a stressful event as many considerations and feelings go into choosing a place you can call home. It is a high-involvement purchase and goes through a lengthy decision-making process. Raymond, well-known for its apparel business, has a real estate wing called Raymond Realty. While a pool of potential owners visited sites, what was missing was an extra push to boost sales and make the process of buying a house simpler.


Grabbing attention, bringing a personal touch, and shortening the decision-making time.  Raymond wanted to bring a personal touch and assure people of their purchase while highlighting why this house is a perfect choice to smoothen the customer journey as they navigate through the sales funnel. We wanted to convert every prospect into a buyer, starting with bringing them back into the active sales cycle.


Gautam Singhania, the Managing Director and Chairman of Raymond Realty, personally assured each of them of their choice, instilling their trust in the company's project.



We sent thousands of customized videos out, personalized to every prospect that visited the site by integrating into their CRM to build consumer confidence. The breakthrough move involved sending a personalized video message to the prospective buyers after they visited the property, assuring them of the utmost care and thought put behind the project. It helped build trust for the brand by showcasing the top leadership's involvement in it. A smooth integration between Raymond’s CRM and their messaging platform was created using Rephrase’s API and with that this process became automated and required no manual intervention. Such tech fluidity coupled with personalized videos from Mr. Singhania’s avatar was a seamless experience.

The Results

Raymond witnessed 7 out of 10 people re-visit the site by creating thousands of personalized videos. This increased the size of the sales funnel by leading to eventual increase in sales. This was a record achievement for a real estate brand caused by transforming the customer journey**.**

The success of the campaign proved that a high-ticket purchase that involves a lengthy decision-making process could be sped up with the right nudge at the right time.

The Scope of this Technology

The power of Synthetic Media Technology can be used to optimize customer journeys. High-involvement purchase industries like Automobiles, Travel, Jewelry, Education, and Health-Care can utilize this breakthrough communication medium to create an impact like never before.

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