How to Convert Text to Video in 3 Simple Steps
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November 13, 2023
5 min read

You might need to convert plain text into videos for several reasons – easy consumption, swift shareability, and better comprehension. That’s no secret.

So what kind of text material can be converted into engaging videos for your audience? And how can you convert text to video that too in over 100+ global and local languages and accents? Let’s have a look.

Different Types of Text Material That Can Be Converted into Video

You will most definitely have numerous PDFs, docs, PPTs, and more that you use in your business day-to-day operations. This includes, but is not limited to, technical documentation, pitch decks, sales decks, helpdesk articles, company blogs. Here’s what you can convert from text to video easily using a text to video AI tool like Rephrase Studio.

1. Blog to video

Whether you need to do this for easier consumption or a more engaging way of interacting with your target audience, deciding to convert a blog to video is a fantastic way to go about it.

We’ll get into how to do so in 3 simple steps below, but if you are looking to create bite-sized summary videos you can check out this quick blog to video converter. All you need to do is enter the blog’s URL and a short summary video will land in your inbox within minutes.

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2. PPT to video

PPTs are a great way to explain concepts or pitch ideas. But in modern times when everyone demands quick information transfer, PPTs can be cumbersome.

If you find yourself faced with tasks like product walkthroughs, crafting internal training materials, sharing educational content, conducting remote classes on any subject, or delivering a presentation at a location that's inconvenient or impossible to reach, Import from PPT is your solution. Within a matter of minutes, this feature can transform your PowerPoint presentations into captivating videos.

3. Script to video

You’ve got a script for a marketing video shoot but you don’t have the production budget to hire a crew, get expensive equipment, or hire a model.

So instead, you copy the script text and paste it into an AI text to video tool that’ll pump out a high-quality, professional-level video in under minutes. Plus, you can make such a video in 100+ languages without hiring any language experts. It’s literally that simple.

4. Doc to video

If you’ve got a training doc or product documentation that no one wants to go through, we feel your pain. Even if you split the content into sections or individual files, it can still be very complicated for viewers to fully grasp the concept.

So when you convert the doc into a video, it not only makes it easier for viewers to understand the information but also retain it for a longer time.

5. Message to video

Want to get in touch with a key business stakeholder but with some added delight? Or want to relay good news or season’s greetings to one of your best vendors in an innovative way? Reaching out to them via video is your best bet.

Type in your message and create an AI video that will surprise, delight, and deliver the right message to any recipient with ease and on a budget!

3 Simple Steps to Convert Text to Video

The idea here is to understand how to create the best piece of text to generate the right AI video for you.

1. Define Your Objective

Begin by laying a strong foundation. When embarking on the journey of crafting captivating videos, the initial step is to establish a clear purpose.

  • Are you aiming to provide a condensed summary to pique viewers' interest?
  • Or perhaps elucidate a complex concept?
  • Or maybe you aspire to showcase a specific skill?

Take a moment to ponder the rationale behind your decision to convert text into video content and then pay attention to the logistics.

  • Who is your intended audience?
  • How will this video be distributed to the audience?
  • Where will your audience consume the video?
  • How long should this information be?

By understanding the purpose behind your video, you will be able to shape its structure and approach the conversion process effectively.

2. Identify structural units of the text

How do you want to start the video? What will be the main information relayed in the middle? Do you want to end the video with an example or a task? What will be the crucial hook?

Once you have laid out all these details in front of you, you’ve got a loose structure down for your video. You can now start filling out the finer details.

  • Will the video start with text on the screen?
  • Which sections would you like for an AI avatar to present the content and which sections would you want just a voiceover along with text on the screen?
  • When do you want images, infographics, and/or videos to pop up on the screen?

After this, you’re going to write a script for your video and move to the next step.

3. Paste your script and generate AI video

Whether you’re summarizing a blog or writing a conversational script for a product walkthrough, you just need to paste the script in a text to video AI tool like Rephrase Studio and take it from there.

Pro tip: For one last time, read your script aloud and see if it feels robotic or unnatural. If it sounds like the way you’d talk to someone in real life, you’re on the right track.

Select a background look, pick a background music, add text, images, and animations on screen and hit export.

Convert Text to Video to Create an AI Video Now

While it’s very tempting to believe that one single click will provide you the highest quality video just because you’re using an AI tool, putting in a little bit more effort can actually improve your output drastically.

We’re not talking about a full-fledged video production effort that will not only take you weeks to execute but also require a big budget. A little concentrated thought behind the video, keeping some key tips in mind when writing the script, and paying attention to visual aids in your video can make all the difference.

So keep these 3 simple steps in mind, do a little experimentation with what works best for you, and convert text to video with Rephrase Studio today.

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