What are Deepfakes?

Tasmiya Sayed
Digital Avatars
November 13, 2023
3 min read
Table of Contents
  1. What are deepfakes?
  2. How are deepfakes made?
  3. Deepfake videos vs Rephrase.ai videos
  4. Rephrase.ai Safeguard Policies
What are deepfakes?

Deepfake is a technology that creates convincingly fictional videos or photos of people from scratch. It basically uses deep learning AI to replace the face of one person with another in videos and other digital media.

It's moot to mention that the person in such a deepfake video or photo has not consented to use their face, voice, and more.

How are deepfakes made?

Short answer: Machine Learning.

Long answer: The creator of a deepfake video or image would integrate an educated neural network with CGI to superimpose a copy of the chosen person onto a different person, who's also been studied by the neural network.

Deepfake videos vs Rephrase.ai videos

While deepfakes essentially means creating synthetic videos with deep neural networks, the colloquial use of the term is for transferring movements and expressions of one person to another; an equivalent in the real world would be voice mimicking for speech.

At Rephrase.ai, we create real videos from scratch.

What traditionally used to take a team of directors, camera people, actors, sound engineers, and costume designers days to create your perfect video, we create the same videos in real-time with the help of our engine that is completely driven by software.

At Rephrase.ai, a team of tech-savvy and responsible humans is dedicated to teaching the software to become better every day.

The basis of our platform is facial re-enactment, where the software predicts lip movements, facial expressions, head movements, eye blinks, and everything that goes into making the AI-driven presenter's face look photorealistic.

To conclude, while both technologies are very powerful, deepfakes have gained a bad reputation because of their use for iniquitous purposes (politics, pornography, etc.)

Rephrase.ai safeguard policies

With great power comes great responsibility, and since we are driven by both technology and ethics, we have solid safeguard policies in place.

Our platform ensures that the individual whose digital avatar is being created has full control. The videos can only be created by the party that has written and video consent to do so. In the case of our public presenters who are uploaded on our software, we have their full consent and permission to use their faces and make them accessible to our customers.

Our platform also allows our B2B clients to onboard their own presenters, which are only accessible to the client alone, unless they choose to do otherwise. Only authorized businesses get access, which means no individual consumer can use Rephrase.ai’s platform without going through a rigorous approval process.

Unlike deepfakes, we do not use an existing video of a person to transfer that person's face onto another person. Moreover, our ethics policy underlines all the regulations related to our platform and business.

If you still have any questions or concerns, please write to us at contact@rephrase.ai.

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