Tasmiya Sayed
November 13, 2023

Imagine all of India posting a personalized video invite, that each one receives from none other than Ranveer Singh? We at Rephrase.ai are proud to add a new dimension to how personalized marketing operates at scale! Lakhs of hyper-personalized video invites will be created for the viewers of The Big Picture; a new interactive quiz show on Colors TV. The video invites will have the host of the game show, Ranveer Singh taking the name of the users and personally inviting them to watch the show. The best part? All of this will be executed within the first 72 hours of launch. Read on to find out how we are making it happen.


What is The Big Picture?

The Big Picture is an upcoming exclusive interactive game show on Colors TV that puts viewers’ knowledge to the test with a series of picture-based questions, with connected players working together in real-time from home with a studio player to win a cash prize. The unique interactive format of the show makes it possible for the viewers to participate in real-time from the comfort of their homes. A show this grand deserved a grander launch and what could make Ranveer’s hosting debut on TV bigger than sending personalized invites to his fans? We’ll wait…

How are we making it bigger?

Gone are the days when you would wait in a long line just to click a picture with your favorite celebrities, with Rephrase’s AI technology, your favorite celebrity comes to you!

In an unprecedented initiative, Colors and Viacom aim to establish a direct line with viewers, by leveraging the power of our technology which enables hyper-personalized communication at scale. Our team at Rephrase.ai has cloned and created a digital avatar of actor Ranveer Singh within a record time of a week. We will use it to send out personalized video invites to all users who sign up on the microsite.

The video invites will have Ranveer Singh take the name of the user, inviting them to watch the show as well as call out the date of the launch. Almost a million such personalized invites will be created and sent out in the first 72 hours!


Why is it a big deal?

Not only is this campaign unprecedented in terms of the scale or time duration in which it is being executed, it will also establish a more personal connection with the audience and enable a richer customer experience. The celebrity euphoria across the country can now be captured in something tangible and personal. This campaign will undoubtedly change how movies, TV shows, and OTT content are promoted. It will open creative floodgates for brands and agencies to leverage this path-breaking technology to deliver hyper-personalized communication to their consumers. With the bottlenecks of time and production infrastructure being things of the past, the possibilities are endless.

Why Rephrase.ai?

Our game-changing technology is not only taking the marketing realm by storm but also bringing people closer together and impacting the lives of the receiver by creating true brag value. At Rephrase.ai, we believe and emphasize that celebrity hyper-personalized video communication can be made easier yet incredibly effective with AI since it can successfully automate numerous aspects of the process to better suit the nature of its audience while curbing the time and monetary factors involved. AI thus allows you to reach a wider audience despite being on a budget. In the case of this collaboration, we have created the ability to easily personalize celebrity endorsement videos at scale, as you now have infinite time with the celebrity, and can churn out regular content without them having to spend a lot of time actually being involved.

Today, several industries are looking for automated and scalable video solutions to enhance business functions, especially sales and marketing. Generative AI is an emerging industry as not only does it clear several production and cost-related obstacles, but also addresses a larger societal trend: people prefer to watch content rather than read it and have a better connection with it when it’s personalized. In the long run, Rephrase.ai envisages enabling brands to create high-quality; professional-looking videos as part of the customer journey without the exorbitant time and financial investments that are otherwise involved in traditional production processes.

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