How to Make a Voice Over Video With No Equipment
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November 13, 2023
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Whether you’re making a marketing video, a product walkthrough video, or an onboarding video, having a voice over is non-negotiable.

You might say: “But I can just add some background music and be done with it!”

Sure, you can do that – but not without repercussions.

Your viewers or intended audience might:

  • Not fully grasp the information you’re trying to share
  • Get distracted by the background music or find it overbearing
  • Find it difficult to understand the complex parts
  • Feel the video to be too impersonal without a conversational narrator
  • Not find it catchy, understandable, or informative

Now you can go about adding a voice over to your video in two ways – Human voice overs and AI voice overs. Let’s dive in the pros and cons of each and then learn how you can make a voice over video with no equipment using AI avatars.

Making a Video with Human Voice Overs

This is the traditional way of going about it. When you choose to hire a professional voice over artist or do it yourself, you stand to benefit a lot.

Pros of using human voice overs

  • Full control over speaking style, pronunciation, emotion
  • Consistency in the delivery and tone
  • Experience and skill set to deliver high-quality recordings efficiently
  • Vocal styles adapted depending on the project

That being said, it can also be quite a cumbersome process.

Cons of using human voice overs

  • Turnaround time is often very long
  • Hiring a professional voice over artist is expensive
  • If you do it yourself, buying high-quality recording equipment is expensive
  • Difficult to find a quiet space or room with no background noise
  • Voice overs can only be done in the languages you or the voice over artist speaks
  • Need a separate video editing software to compile everything
  • Require several rounds of editing to stitch all parts of the video together
  • Margin of error is very high and re-recording comes with high costs

Clearly, the cons outweigh the pros.

So what you can do instead is use a text to video AI tool like Rephrase Studio to utilize the power of AI voice overs.

Making a Video with AI Voice Overs

It’s hard to find a one-stop solution for all the cons listed above; but not impossible.

AI voice overs use generative AI’s text-to-speech power to convert plain text into speech. That means that you could enter any text, for example, ‘It is a beautiful day today!’ and with the click of a button these text will be converted into a voice over.

Pros of using AI Voice Overs

  • High-quality, professional videos can be generated within minutes
  • No need to hire a professional voice over artist
  • No need to hire a video crew including actors, directors, sound technicians
  • No expensive equipment required
  • No prior experience in video editing or video production required
  • Voice overs can be generated in 100+ languages and accents
  • No concerns over background noise
  • Regenerating videos is quick and simple

Perhaps the only con to using an AI voice over is the limited range of emotions in speech. While advances in AI are continuously improving this aspect, very specific emotions like exhilaration, sadness, cheerfulness, etc can currently not be on point.

So now that you better understand the pros and cons of using AI voice overs instead of human voice overs, let’s see how you can go about utilizing them.

How to Make a Voice Over Video

Step #1: Select the format of your video

Depending on where you want to post or use your video, see the format in which you’d want to make it.

  • Widescreen aspect ratio, 16:9: YouTube, Vimeo, presentations, and most landing pages
  • Mobile portrait aspect ratio, 9:16: Instagram Stories & Reels, YouTube Shorts, TikTok
  • Square aspect ratio, 1:1: Instagram and Facebook posts

Step #2: Decide what background you want

Since you are creating this video on an AI video creation platform, you have complete flexibility to pick what you want the background to look like.

These backgrounds can range from solid colors to dynamic gradients. Understand what will pique your target audience’s interest, what is most apt for your brand’s look, and zero in on the right background accordingly.

Step #3: Write your script

Include all the important information you want to cover in your video in a structured manner. Start with a strong hook, use a conversational tone, limit it to 3-4 sentences per video frame, and don’t make the script too long and convoluted.

Read more: How to Write a Video Script (Expert Tips + Best Practices)

Once done, simply paste the script in the AI video creation platform.

Pro tip: Rephrase Studio allows you to add pauses after sentences in AI videos. This avoids a robotic, continuous reading style. Pauses typically range from 0.25s-1s but can be customized to your requirements.

Step #4: Select the language for the voice over

While most videos are made in English, you can also localize your videos by picking from the 100+ languages and accents available. So whether you’re looking for Spanish, French, or Arabic, you’re sorted.

Step #5: Think about the visuals you want to add

  • Add text on screen that’ll reflect what’s being talked about in the script
  • Add animations and transitions to bring more energy to your video
  • Add screen recordings for product walkthrough or onboarding websites
  • Add images to provide a better visual understanding of the information
  • Add an AI avatar as a human presenter to make the video more interactive

Pro tip: Add stock footage relevant to particular sections of your script to boost the visual quality of your video. For example, if you’re talking about safety practices when choosing a password for your work laptop, add a stock footage of someone carrying out this activity in their home or workplace.

Once you’ve sorted all these, all you need to do is hit export and your AI video is ready.

Making a Voice Over Video With No Equipment is Simple and Quick

So that’s it! In just 5 easy steps, you can create a high-quality, professional video using AI voice overs (and an AI avatar if you choose!).

Want to test the waters? Create a FREE AI video with Rephrase Studio to see how you like creating a video with AI voice overs.

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