Automated Artistry: The Best AI Art Generators for Effortless Masterpieces
Generative AI
November 13, 2023
2 min read

When Google, Unsplash, Shutterstock and all else fail, where do you turn to for just the right image? Whether it’s for your website, a social media post, a blog header image, or a meme you want to send in your group chat, finding exactly the image you want can often be a tedious task. Even when you find something that you could work with, there are other issues like the image’s aspect ratio, brightness, size, etc that can be a nightmare to fix.

But fret not – AI is here to lend a helping hand.

What are AI Art Generators?

AI art generators use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to create digital artwork. These algorithms can be trained on vast amounts of existing artwork to learn the patterns, styles, and techniques used by human artists.

Once trained, the algorithm can generate new artwork that mimics the style of a particular artist, genre, or even generate entirely new styles.

AI art generators can produce a wide range of artwork, including paintings, illustrations, photographs, and even music. Some of these tools are designed to be used by artists as a way to augment their creative output, while others are used for automated art production, such as creating customized designs for websites or social media.

How do AI Art Generators Work?

AI art generators enable you to input a prompt of varying levels of specificity and generate an image that matches your desired output almost instantly. Often, the more detailed you are, the better images it can create for your needs. However, learning how to give it the write prompt is a learning curve in itself.

To see which AI art generators out there are worth their mettle, we fed the same prompt – an Impressionist oil painting of a white fur monster standing in a lavender room – to each of them and compared which results fared better than the others.

Here are our top choices for AI art generators that’ll give you results closest to your imagination.



  • Lightning fast
  • Accurate prompt understanding
  • Image editing
  • Creates variations of selected original image
  • Wide range of image styles and formats
  • High degree of customization
  • User-friendly interface


  • Limited credits

TIP: End your prompt with ‘digital art’ to get higher-quality image results



  • Super high-quality results
  • Stylistic tuning, composition tuning
  • Variations and upscaled version generations
  • Discord community


  • Limited credits, paid model
  • Not all aspects of longer prompts are considered

TIP: Play around with different aspect ratios using the command --ar 3:2 (where 3:2 is your sample desired aspect ratio and can be replaced by any ratio you’d like) to get the right image size for your needs

Dream by WOMBO


  • Mobile app
  • Beta versions lets you edit images
  • Range of art styles to choose from


  • One imager per prompt
  • Paid model
  • Images need fine tuning for commercial use

TIP: Explore different art styles to get realistic renditions for your prompt

That was your low-down on the best AI art generators  — so next time, don’t let traditional image tools limit your creativity and unleash hidden potential using these AI-powered tools!

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