The Role Of Synthetic Media In Ad Campaigns

Tasmiya Sayed
November 13, 2023

In this highly cluttered Ad world, can your brand have the highest share of voice through personalized video content that also leverages your brand ambassador’s credibility?

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text format, and brands are looking to leverage this medium to optimize their marketing spending and get their message across to their desired customers.

But in this highly cluttered ad world, can your brand have the highest share of voice through video content that also leverages your brand ambassador’s credibility?

With’s Generative AI technology, now you can!’s technology allows you to create a digital avatar of your brand ambassador to then create video content at scale by just typing in text!

Let’s see how our technology can scale up your marketing initiatives and also understand the   role of synthetic media in ad campaigns!

Building Digital Clones Of Celebrities

We all know the trouble of getting celebrities to do ad campaigns; shooting a 45 second video takes hours and any post shoot iteration always requires a re-shoot which is often not viable.’s Generative AI technology allows you to create a digital avatar of the celebrity by creating a clone of their face and a clone of their voice. This digital avatar can then be used to create personalised content at scale featuring the celebrity.

Creating Content In Multiple Languages

With the help of digital cloning, we not only get the power of creating content multiple times, but we also get the benefit of going across multiple languages. Our artificial intelligence captures facial gestures, lip movements and body language to reproduce the content in various languages.

Leveraging The Video-First Transformation

According to a study by Cisco, By 2022, 82% of the consumer traffic on the internet will be video first. The same study also highlights how 90% of customers say that videos help them make the final decisions with regards to product purchase, with 64% saying they purchase products after watching video content related to it.

This clearly shows that Video content expands the reach of all marketing initiatives and also engages the audience far more than any other medium.

With AI-based video ads, brands can now create videos at scale by just typing in text and through hyper-personalization, consumers can now see their names or business names featured in the celeb-led campaigns. This personalised video message helps increase the re-call value for the brand.

Cost-efficiency And Low Time Investment!

Studies show that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support, and brands need to serve this need but budgets are often a constraint for video creation.

AI video creation requires you to shoot the video just once and then all the recreation happens at our fingertips. We can recreate many videos using video clones of celebs without getting them to record the whole message every time. With AI videos, you don’t have to shoot the entire campaign or video for every usage. This is the most cost-efficient manner of creating video advertisements.

The Novelty Factor That Breaks Through The Clutter

Every technological upgrade in the advertisement world stands out and keeps the audience on their toes. With #NotJustACadburyAd, it was proved once again that any novelty in the world of advertisement stands out.

Like the brand merchandise printed with consumer names, #NotJustACadburyAd received a considerable response. In addition to the personal touch of mentioning the pin codes of specific businesses, it also voiced the “vocal for local” sentiment.

For advertisement makers, it was a novel step and a successful one too. It was an experiment combining a sentiment with technology and we are sure that many brands are fascinated by it.

Empowering Sales Through Stronger Customer Connect

Users spend 88% more time browsing on websites that have videos! With the power of’s text to video technology, brands and companies that transform their entire customer journey with video interventions throughout the journey from product discovery to checkout and post-sale communication. This celebrity led video engagement will help send the right message to the right customer a the right time through their purchase journey!

To employ our Generative AI technology for your next brand campaign, do reach out!

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